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Bebé is a fighter! She was rescued off the streets of Los Angeles. Bebe’s cries called the attention of a caring individual who reached out to Viva la Vida who humanely trapped and rescued her. Bebé has blossomed into a loving and playful kitty! Although she continues to be shy with new people, she thrives with her current foster humans and foster dog brothers. Bebé loves her foster dog brothers, she makes them chase her, naps with them, play together and keep each other company as they look out the window. Bebé will follow her humans and meows when she is in need of affection. Shen enjoys being picked up and likes scratches behind her ears. Bebe has such a calming presence, she is very independent, and LOVES to sleep.

8 months
Fully vetted
Felv/Fiv negative
Dog social
Would benefit from a savvy adopter